Poop Soup

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Ok, so I didn't really make poop soup, but I did boil some underwear.  What happened was...

Its no secret that yellow is my favorite color.  I just love that happy little color.  So imagine my glee when a local store had beach towels on 70% clearance and I scored this bright yellow beauty.  I also bought a couple other colors too, but they really don't matter.

So when I saw this little guy sitting all alone on the laundry room floor after a trip to swim lessons, I threw him in with a load of B's whites.

Wait. WHAT?!?? A yellow towel with whites?!?! What was I thinking!?!?

I wasn't...okay folks...I wasn't.

When the wash completed, I opened the washer. Son of  Biscuit! Ack!!  There was my bright sunny yellow towel...smiling at me...saying "Look ma, I made everything yellow. Aren't you proud of me?"

No - bad towel, bad towel.

I screamed at the towel and jerked it out of the washer like a parent jerks a child throwing a fit out of a store.   If that towel had an arm...it would be dislocated. I immediately starting re-washing the whites.  Pushing buttons at a frenzied pace and using more bleach than should be legal for washing children's clothes.  Must...fix..this...

When the whites...ahem...yellows came out of the next cycle, there was no change. They were still a sad, sad shade of yellow. How could I send my boy to school with yellow socks and underwear?

So I soaked some of the clothes in a bucket of (more) bleach and water overnight.  I didn't want to soak them all cause I know how bleach can damage stuff - so I just did a small sample to see if it would work. Still no change.

That's when I ran to the grocery store and picked up some RIT color remover.  Last ditch effort before heading out to buy all new socks and undies for the kid.

The process was pretty easy, except I couldn't use the washing machine method since we have a front loader.  Instead add water, Rit Color Remover, socks and underwear to a large pot.  We have a joke around our house about making "Poop Soup" - insert that here...

But after 30 minutes of boiling underwear - it worked!! The whites are white again and all is right in the world. Well...at least until my next big faux-pax.

Did I mention I bought a sewing machine?


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