A Bright Idea

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Yes...I am back to fixing up my closets again, but I promise this was a not a premeditated event.  Sometimes DIY inspiration just strikes you when you least expect it.  In this case, while shopping in the local ACE hardware.

The small closets in our house all have a light bulb that turns on with a pull string.  For shorties like me, these bulbs are blinding and I hate turning them on.  The hubs and I briefly talked about putting up real light fixtures but since there is no wall switch and we have to use that pull string, it was a very short lived conversation.

But then browsing the aisles in Ace one afternoon, we came across these little light bulb covers.  They are plastic and just clip right onto the light bulb like a lamp shade.  PERFECT!!

We got home, I ran upstairs, clipped them on the light bulbs, and I gave it a pull. Not Perfect!! Every time I pulled that little stupid string, the lamp shade would tilt to the side.

Well now... I didn't anticipate that.  But then I had another bright idea (forgive the pun).  I got out the drill and drilled a little hole just big enough the fit the chain through. This was easy and took all of 5 seconds (partly because the drill was already laying on the floor from another project in the works)

 Then I fed the chain through the new hole, clipped the light shade back on and VIOLA - no tilt and no blinding light!!

 I'm not saying this is the prettiest thing in the world, and I hate that the fixture has gold on it (which will probably meet it's match with a can of spray paint next time I have one in hand), but its a far cry from the blinding light that used to shine down on me.


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