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All of the closets in our house have this ugly metal bar to hang clothes on.  Yes, yes, I know that this is not the kind of thing that people would typically notice when coming to our house. 

 "Oh my God Becky...did you see her metal closet rods? The nerve..."  

 It is strictly cosmetic but it is an ugliness that just bugs the crap out of me!!  That and I have always had an aversion to hangers scraping across metal bars (Mom...think shopping at Gabe's...)

Since the day we moved in I have been thinking of ways to fix these bars.  Unfortunately, they are mounted in wood on either side of the wall, so replacing them - my first idea - would require lots of work.  Then I thought "I'll just paint them".  After two seconds entertaining that idea, I realized that paint would just chip off.

Then I came across this post on one of my favorite blogs  where she had the ingenious idea to use shower curtain rod covers in her closet.  (I didn't even know such an animal existed...did you?)

So off to Home Depot I went and picked up six of these babies.  Of course Brayden thought they were swords and I apologize to anyone in Home Depot that may have been on the receiving end of one of his attacks.

When I got home, I realized that I had actually picked up five instead of six.  Sigh...  In the words of J. Steele "It just wouldn't be a home improvement project without several trips to the store"

But at $2.10 each, the fix totalled $12.60 and took all of about ten minutes - excluding drive time back to the store.  Now we're talking!!  All I had to do was measure, cut with scissors, and slip the cover around the bar.  Look what a difference this made:

(Disclaimer:  Sorry about the mess on the shelves, I guess I should have cleaned all that up before taking pictures. I'm new to taking "blog-quality" pictures.  Focus on the bars people...FOCUS!.)

Kids Closet

Hallway Closet

Master Closet

As you can see, the master was initially missing one across the back.  That was the one I forgot.  And that tie rack...well removing it seemed to take an act of God so I left it on and just slipped the cover through the hole. Worked like a charm. 

Have you found a quick fix for something? I would love to hear about it. 


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