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PINspiration - Bedroom Curtains

posted by Rhiannon

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Hi Guys!  Its been busy around here lately.  Between work, birthdays, a wedding, and a visit from our good friend Hurricane Sandy, I haven't had much time to get things done around here.  But falling snow and a chill in the air put some fire in my rear and forced me to get down and get some curtains made for the boys room.

I found this image on Pinterest and followed it to the instructions on a blog called "The Yellow Cape Cod".  

To make my curtains I used: 4 blue curtains (Thanks Amy), a large tube of liquid stitch, red ribbon, and instead of a heavy linen table cloth as recommended in the original instructions, some canvas duck fabric for the stars.

Since I am no artist, I needed a template.  So, I printed a star off on the computer and traced it onto a piece of cardboard.  Yes...we are VERY high tech around here.

I decided on seven stars for each curtain, so I traced the star 28 times onto my cotton duck fabric with a sharpie.

Whats worse than tracing 28 stars? Cutting 28 stars!!! But after cutting out all the stars, I was almost done.  Using the Liquid Stitch, I glued the stars and the red ribbon trim onto the curtains...and... 

Ta Da - curtains that match the boys bedding!!

It was as easy as that peeps!! The whole project cost me about $10 in materials and an evening worth of cutting and gluing.  I just love an easy project.  (NOTE: The instructions I found online were great and gave some really great tips on how to easily line up the stars.  I won't take credit for that, so I would highly recommend reading them if you are planning on making something similar.)

Finally - this house looks like we are starting to make some progress!!!