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Well, here it is. The first post from our new house!!! Yay - and it only took me a month and a half to get here.  While there are some pretty big things to tackle on the J-town to-do list, I decided to start with the basics.

Every wall in this house is painted a light salmon pink with PEACH trim, PEACH molding, PEACH doors...PEACH!!! BLAH!!!  So that was my first job...painting it white.  Most pictures are in the hallway,  only because it was the area with the least amount of stuff that still needed to be unpacked and where I could take a decent picture.  Rest assured I had to redo the trim in every room, bedroom, bathroom, and closet.


Ok, ok, Don't even comment on how ghetto the following picture is.  I'm trying to show the peach trim at the bottom of the window and around the floor.  The back story: on our first night in the house, we realized that there is a street light right outside our bedroom window that shines as bright as the sun. @!$*! One of the many reasons I believe they should let you sleep in a home before you decide to buy it. Anywho...  We scrambled in the boxes to find any piece of material that would block out the light and this was the result the following a.m. Ha Ha. I promise...it's gone now.  

So I got busy...painting.  Thanks to Brayden and his new love of "picturing"- here is an action shot of me painting the trim. Not my best side...well..maybe it is. Depends on who you ask ;) But you can see my blue painter's tape and the white trim making its way along the floor of this room.

Here is a comparison of the white and the peach on one of the closet doors with just my first coat.

And the finished hallway. Man, I love how that white really brightens up the space (but hate how it accents that salmon color). But that won't be there for too much longer, either. Baby steps.

Finally...here is what you have really been waiting to see.  The window.  Yes, it is looking much better with white trim - even notice the white trim around the floor - and a real set of curtains. However, now I realize that I need to paint the wood around the windows too. Good thing I am no stranger to a paint brush cause man, this blog is already creating me a longer to-do list.

To save you a bit of scrolling, here is the before and after of the hallway. No, I didn't alter the lighting, that is just how much of a difference the white paint makes.

Oh, and while I am still revelling in my fancy white trim, here is a sneak peek of what we did last weekend. Look how amazing that white trim looks against those wood floors and a paint color other than salmon!!! Ooooo, can't wait to show you all this finished room!

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